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About us:
Eternity Development Co., (琤繭o展公司) is mainly focus in Touch Solution: Touch Monitor、Touch Kiosk、External Touch Screen& Touch PC.

Touch Monitor (觸控顯示器):
We provide the size of touch monitor from 10.4” – 82”. Our touch monitor provides two type of touch screen:
10.4” – 22”: Resistive 4wires / 5wires (電阻4線/5線)
19” – 82”: Infra red single touch / dual touch / multi touch (紅外線單點, 雙點, 多點)
10.4" - 32": Capacitive Touch multi touch (電容式多點)
Our touch monitor applies to many uses such as POS, industrial equipment, vending machine, presentation or education use.
Touch Kiosk (觸控資訊亭):
We provide the size of touch kiosk from 17” – 65”. Our kiosk applies to public places such as shopping mall, retail shop, school or hospital to provide relevant information to client.
Touch PC / Android Touch:
We provide the size of touch PC from 18.5” – 65”. Our touch PC / Android integrated powerful components. Users can enjoy the advantage of all-in-One touch machine

Company address:
Rm B1, 10/F., Phase I, Kwai Shing Ind. Bldg., 36-40 Tai Lin Pai Road., Kwai Chung, Hong Kong



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